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Poseidon's Kiss 150ml - Miso Mole Hot Sauce


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Poseidon’s Kiss is a Japanese Miso meets Mexican Mole hot sauce, with an overall great heat but with a real depth of flavour. This Hot Sauce has an amazing burst of flavour that is truly unique! When you first open the bottle, you will get a nice chocolate smell and taste with a slight miso flavour and a complex mole taste. The heat in this sauce is a creeper and will give you a nice mouth burn and will want you coming back for more!

Goes well with tacos, burgers, beef, chicken & pork.

Do YOU know what a Poseidon’s Kiss?

What is a Poseidon's Kiss? 

It is basically when dunny water splashes up to you’re A#se hole after you've dropped a massive piece of poo into the toilet.

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Super HOT chillies, brown sugar, vinegar, garlic, ginger, miso, spices, lime juice, sea salt, soy sauce gluten-free, cocoa powder, onions, capsicum, beetroot juice (for colouring),  tomato paste, chipotle, cooking sake.

  • Contains: Super Hot Chillies.

  • Suitable For Coeliacs: Gluten-Free
  • Bottle Size: 150ML
  • Safety: Keep out of the reach of children
  • Heat Level: Hot

We created our Hot Sauces not only bring the heat but so that you can create amazing dishes with them too! Below are a few recipes ideas that go well with this Hot Sauce.

Huevos Rancheros with Smokey Mexican Sauce (use Poseidon's Kiss instead)


Chicken Ramen with Hot Sauce


Chinese Ginger Basil Chicken with The Demonic Hot Sauce and Garlic Rice (use Poseidon's Kiss instead)


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